Tips On How To Get The Perfect Wedding Flowers At Just The Right Cost

As much as you are looking to get all caught up in the fun, thrill and joy that comes with planning for a wedding, you need to be wary of the rising costs when it comes to planning for a wedding. Considering how things are going, you could be left wondering if your dented wallet will ever recover. 

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How To Tell If Your Cat Wants To Kill You

Kitties. Furry balls of fluff. I read somewhere that if you incorporate pictures of cute kittens into WHATEVER you have on the Internet, your page views will skyrocket.

There's just something about cats that makes them uber-powerful, even on the Web. In real life, the power cats hold makes them pretty mysterious. Like, how do kittens scare giant dogs? How do cats scare off bears?

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Fiction: Driven [Short Story]

When I received the swanky invitation to the Locksley’s dinner party, I almost chucked the lace card in the trash. The invitation was a mistake. The Locksley’s and I were not on good speaking terms. I’d dated one too many of their daughters and had been told by Mr. Locksley, in the most gentlemanly fashion, to scram. But I held onto the card, magnetizing it to the fridge. Mrs. Locksley phoned a week later, inquiring about my RSVP.

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America, Let's Celebrate Communism

On Oct. 1, 2009, China celebrated, according to the Associated Press, its “rise to a world power over 60 years of Communist rule.” No one doubts China’s power and success: It’s a great accomplishment; but let’s not forget the ever-expanding crevice splitting the rich and poor, the severe pollution scourging the atmosphere and, as reported by the AP, “rampant corruption” terrorizing villages. I’m not even going to dabble into the problems of religion and the persecution of Christians.

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When Disaster Strikes, What Would You Save?

In California, the summers are extremely dry.

We’re blessed if we get any kind of precipitation at all. The thirsty grass turns a golden-brown, the once raging rivers become a trickle, waterfalls dry up, flowers wilt and the sweltering heat arrives. There is no humidity in California. No stickiness—just dry air. And guess what thrives on a bone-dry land? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not cacti.

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