Hi, my name is Deanna. I’m a writer.

Not that you need proof, but I’ve written a 600+ page book. College helped me slap a journalism degree to my résumé. And now I’m just trying to grow as a writer—without involving vampires or sappy summer romances. 

On August 23, 2014, I married Mack. That's when I found out how powerful our story really is.

The pro's will tell you: Write about what you know, what you love—even what scares you. In the words of a great writer and blogger, Jeff Goins:

"Write what matters to you. Chances are it matters to someone else, too."

So what scares me? Voicing my opinion on things that matter. Like why waiting to kiss your husband until your wedding day is the best decision ever. Like how girls need to start obsessing over their relationship with God rather than obsessing over finding a man. Like how love at first sight isn't real, and how marriage is a CHOICE every day.

Because stuff like that is real. It matters. So I've decided to be brave and write about what I know, what I love and what scares me. 

Mr. & Mrs.

On August 23, 2014, I married Mack. It was, without a doubt, a great decision. And this is where it gets scary for me as a writer. Now I live in a realm where every day in our marriage is a battle between selfishness and selflessness. Every day is a choice. Every day is an opportunity to grow. We built a foundation deeply rooted in Jesus. It's time I shared our story. 



Writing is a passion I can't ignore, and I want to use my passion and talent to grow as an author. Blogger. Freelancer. Editor. Whatever sticks, really. And while I'm pumpin' out sophisticated thoughts on life and love and relationships, I'll also write about the goofy, ridiculous things that amuse or irritate me. And fiction. Lots of fiction and creative writing.



I'm full of wanderlust. I crave discovering new places, and while I haven't had the opportunities to go on really great, epic, jaw-dropping journeys around the world, I have been blessed to travel to a lot of cool spots in the U.S.A. You can follow those adventures on my Instagram account and read about my favorite places here.

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Need a writer? From magazine features, to hard news, to websites, to blogs—here’s what services I offer to help make your content generally amazing:

  • writing
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I have a journalism degree and experience as a newspaper copy editor and web writer. And I’m just getting started.

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